Welcome to The Student to Student Chinese Language Lab!

The Student to Student Language Lab is a new innovative classroom resource for middle and high school grades. The Chinese section of the Lab brings native Mandarin-speaking students from various regions of China - your students' peers - right into your classroom! Aligned with the ACTFL Standards for Foreign Language and the 5 C's, the Lab features three sets of 20 modules that range in proficiency level from Novice-High to Intermediate-High. The unique 'student to student' nature of the Lab makes learning Chinese more meaningful and powerful.

Level I of the Lab (now available) features 'My School,' 'My Home,' and 'My Hometown' themes. Levels II (Getting Around in China) and III (Famous Places in China) and some Lab functions (such as search, teacher feedback forms and more) will be added over the coming two years.

Learn from other students around the world.