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OneWorld Classrooms is a nonprofit organization that builds bridges of learning between the classrooms of
the world. We offer FREE online travel and a variety of opportunities for K-12 classrooms to interact with overseas partners. WELCOME!

K-12 International Art Exchange
Amazon Rain Forest School Project
Student to Student Language Lab
Free Travel and Learn Online Launchpad

“OneWorld Classrooms* has changed
the way I teach… and enabled my
students to travel to the world without leaving the classroom!” MORE TEACHER TESTIMONIALS

*Formerly The Creative Connections Project.

The mission of OneWorld Classrooms is to build bridges between local and international K-12 classrooms through technology and the arts. In both school and OST settings, we aim to promote global education, foster cross-cultural awareness and cultivate local and global citizenship. READ THE REST OF OUR MISSION STATEMENT



OneWorld Classrooms -- Teacher Testimonials



Since 1999, over 10,000 classrooms in 49 states and 49 countries have participated in OneWorld Classrooms. Below are comments by participating teachers and students:

Creative Connections Project Director working with students in the Amazon Rain Forest."The Creative Connections Project has changed the way I teach social studies: it has enabled me to teach aspects of world cultures that can't be seen with a text book and has enabled my students to travel the world without leaving our classroom. My students have opened their 'cultural eyes' and developed deeper understandings of world cultures." 3rd Grade Teacher, Union Pleasant Elementary, School Hamburg, NY

"Once we received the package from the Galapagos, we were all thrilled. The video was amazing and we shared it and the Galapagos' students' artwork at our Latin American Fiesta. It was a big hit. Parents were very interested and impressed... ...It is so easy for classes to participate and the students enjoy it so much more than reading from a textbook. It is very helpful for students to see the world in this way; we aren't just studying social studies. My students and I would prefer to learn this way." 6th Grade Teacher, Greyhound Intermediate School, Eaton Rapids, MI

8th grade Chilean student artwork"My kids have been literally devouring those letters (from China). We are writing furiously, and will have plenty of letters to send. 'Getting to share the art work and write letters to the Chinese students has been a great way to end this year,' said a student." Middle School Teacher at Ardmore Middle School, Ardmore, OK.

"I received the art work, it is beautiful. I have displayed some in my class room. It is marvelous for my students to see the skills and expertise of these great students, more importantly, kids like themselves but in another country. GLOBAL EXPECTATIONS!!! Thanks." Middle School Teacher, Millennium Middle School, Stanford, FL

"Over the past years, I have participated with my grades 5 and 6 science students in dozens of on-line learning experiences and initiated a few small ones myself. Of all of them, I honestly feel that The Creative Connections Project is one of the best." 5th/6th Grade Science Teacher, The Harley School, Rochester, NY

"Thanks once again for opening a whole new world to students everywhere (and) bringing the sights and sounds of the Amazon Rain forest to our school and my students!" 3rd Grade Teacher, Thomas Jefferson Elementary School, Yorktown Heights, NY

"Invaluable! The children were so excited to get the video and the artwork. It made China come alive to them. We hung the artwork in the main hallway of the school so that others could enjoy it also. ... It (the project) was wonderfully organized." Middle School Teacher, J.R. Masterman Demonstration School, Philadelphia, PA

"We think you have a great thing going!! What a way to bring social studies alive for all of these children. Good job!!!" 4th Grade Teacher, Grant M. Bowler Elementary School, Logandale, NV

Sharing local findings.

"The idea was really exciting to the students. They were, to be honest, a bit humbled by the effort most Chinese students put into their artwork compared to what we did. It helped them connect more with the East Asia material we were covering." 9th Grade Teacher, Judah Christian School, Champaign, IL

"The project's E-Travel Logs to the students are unsurpassed in their depth and breadth. They are lively, informative, and so well written! I can attest to the fact that the students can't wait until the next one arrives. The websites are also rich with their vivid photographs and artwork... ...We have learned so much more about the rain forest than ever before." 5th Grade Teacher, Germantown Academy, Fort Washington, PA

"Van Rhyn Primary School in Windhoek, Namibia, has been extremely privileged to be a part of the Creative Connection Project over the past three years. Through it, our pupils have had the opportunity to learn, not only about children from different countries, but also about the diverse cultures and ethnic groups of our own country. The project truly bridges cultural differences near and far." 3rd Grade Teacher, Van Rhyn Primary School, Windhoek, Namibia

"Our students do an extensive unit on the Amazon rain forest and this was a wonderful opportunity to teach the students about the culture of the people there. They became "friends" with rain forest children. They enjoyed sending artwork, hearing stories and poems, receiving photographs and answers to their questions about life in this very different environment. It was an outstanding cultural exchange and I look forward to exploring another part of the world with OneWorld Classrooms again next year." Library Media Specialist, Fairfield Country Day School Fairfield, CT

"First I wanted to thank you for your interesting, detailed accounts of your adventures there. The children listened with rapt attention. And a special thank you for sending the beautiful artwork from the children. What treasures!" 3rd Grade Teacher, Katonah Elementary School, Katonah, NY

"My first graders have really enjoyed this project. Reading the E-mails has been the highlight of morning circle time. We also enjoyed looking at the school Web site and playing some of the children's games during our recess... My students often remarked how similar we were. In fact, they found more commonalities than differences. We earned so much!" 1st Grade Teacher, Eastview Elementary School, Connersville, IL

"I just wanted to thank you and the children for the lovely artwork. My students loved it!! ... I would definitely be interested in participating next year." 6th Grade Teacher, J.B. McNabb Middle School, Mt. Sterling, KY

"We are so happy to read about your adventures! It is exciting to think where you are and where we are, and how quickly we can read, write, and reply." Participating Artist, Westchester, NY

9th grade Chinese student with her artwork"Thank you for teaching us about the rain forest. We would never have learned as much without you!" -- "... it's fascinating to see different cultures." -- "Your E-mail was cool and very descriptive. It felt like we were right there with you on your adventures." -- "The thing I liked most were your E-mails and the children's artwork." 5th Graders at Webutuck Elementary School, Amenia, NY

"My students are just loving this project. Thank you!"
1st Grade Teacher, Carter School, Chicago, IL

"My students have enjoyed your emails. Thank you so very much for the artwork gifts. (The project) was wonderful!!! My kids absolutely loved it!" Special Ed. Teacher, Gonzalez Elementary School, Tolleson, AZ