Hello, my Chinese name is Deng Yin and my English name is Melissa. I'm 16.

Hello, my English name is Angelina and my Chinese name is Tang Ming. I'm 16, too.

Our life in Wulingyuan - In Wulingyuan, although there are few people, there are many nations. They have their own cultures. Those (are) shown (through) clothes, languages, songs and so on. And we live in a beautiful environment. We can see blue sky, green grass and we can hear birds singing in the forest. The air is very clear. There is a clean river around our house. Everyday, we live happily.

Deng Yin and Tang Ming
Katy and Lulu

Hello, we are Chinese girls. I'm Katy and my Chinese name is Wu Xianhuan.

I'm Lulu and my Chinese name is Deng Yin.

We are happy to communicate with you in this way.

Katy: We study hard in the school. Even though it is very busy, we feel very rich in spirit and after school we do some sports, listen to the music, talk with others and enjoy ourselves in many different ways.

Lulu: Every Sunday, we have half a day to rest. In this time, we can do everything we like to do, such as search the Internet, get together with our families, do some shopping and so on.

We want to make friends with whoever wants to make friends with us. We are looking forward to your replies.

Mao Yong and Xiong Jinlian
Roger and Andy

Hello, my Chinese name is Mao Yong and my English name is King. I'm a senior school student. There are 64 students in our class and we are divided into 9 groups. We have 16 courses everyday and there are 40 minutes in each class. We also have 10 minutes to have a rest after one class. We get up 6:15, do morning exercises and have a running (run) between 6:20 to 6:40.

Hello, my name is Xiong Jinlian. Let me continue it. At 7:20, we have breakfast and have lunch at 12:00. We have supper at 5:00. We are always studying in (the) classroom to study till 10:00 in the evening. Then we can go to bed. Because we read books for much time, almost all of us have glasses on (our) nose. Our eyes are going to die, I think.

This is part of our school life.

We come from Wulingyuan No. 1 Middle School. We study in Class 43 of Senior 2 now.

We study from 6 AM to 10 PM. We study 9 subjects, such as Maths, History, English, Politics, Chinese, P.E., Biology, Physics, Geography and so on. In the part-time, we often play basketball. Oh, my favorite basketball player is Shaq O'neil.

Maybe you think we are very tired, but we don't think so. And we will do our best to study hard for our country to become stronger and richer. At least, we hope we can become good friends.

Feature Greetings : MP3 Greetings from students of Wulingyuan No. 1 Middle School, Hunan Province, China

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