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Latin America
Culture ProfilesCultural Profiles of Historic and Modern China -- 25 multimedia tours, featuring photo slide shows, video and audio, that explore China's culture, past and present, focusing on five Chinese cities. (Gr. 6-12) Children of the Amazon -- A field trip via slides, poetry and fact pages to a rain forest village, hosted by children who live there. Children of East AfricaChildren of East Africa -- Visit a village in Kenya through poetry and photos, hosted by children who live there.

Tour of an Arctic TownTour of an Arctic Town -- Tour a town in the Canadian Arctic, hosted by children who live there.

  Galapagos Poetry TourOn Wings of Waves  -- A photo-poetic flyover of the islands, with audio, quotes from Herman Melville's Las Encantadas and lesson ideas and links for teachers. Tour of Namibia, AfricaNamibia Tour -- A virtual tour tracing our actual one and exploring this beautiful country.  
Latin America
Latin America
Latin Ameirca
Latin America
Mystery Galapagos AnimalsMystery Animal Profiles -- Guess-who photo puzzles, with a language arts twist (comparison). Song of the Harpy EagleThe Song of the Harpy Eagle -- A musical adventure up an emergent kapok tree to meet rain forest animals and learn 'the wisdom of the wild,' featuring math, science and language arts curriculum connections. Where the Rain Forest BeginsBaños: Where the Rain Forest Begins -- A photo tour of Baños, an Andes mountain town on the edge of the Amazon Rain Forest, featuring Spanish and English. Tour of Quito, EcuadorTur de Quito -- A tour of art and architecture on the streets of Quito, the capital of Ecuador -- in Spanish.
Cutest of the CuteCutest of the Cute -- A fun language arts based animal pageant, with a built in math activity.  

Curriculum Connections: Social Studies, Global Studies, Geography, Math, Language Arts, Art, Music, Science, Reading, Culture, Amazon Rain Forest, Galapagos Islands, Africa, savannah, deserts, rain forest, Andes Mountains, animals, poetry.


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