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OneWorld Classrooms is a nonprofit organization that builds bridges of learning between the classrooms of
the world. We offer FREE online travel and a variety of opportunities for K-12 classrooms to interact with overseas partners. WELCOME!

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“OneWorld Classrooms* has changed
the way I teach… and enabled my
students to travel to the world without leaving the classroom!” MORE TEACHER TESTIMONIALS

*Formerly the Creative Connections Project.

The mission of OneWorld Classrooms is to build bridges between local and international K-12 classrooms through technology and the arts. In both school and OST settings, we aim to promote global education, foster cross-cultural awareness and cultivate local and global citizenship. READ THE REST OF OUR MISSION STATEMENT



OneWorld Classrooms Student to Student Language Lab



OneWorld Classrooms is currently partnering with the State University of New York at Albany to develop 60 new Mandarin Chinese modules for our Student to Student Language Lab. We will post the first 20 Chinese modules in the fall of 2010. English modules will follow in the spring. The Lab features students sharing their first language via audio files, video files, photos, PowerPoints and student artwork. Organized by language level, theme and grammatical elements, it is a great way for foreign language students to learn from their peers who speak the language they are learning. As we develop the Lab, teachers will have opportunities to recommend content that matches their curriculum.

Sample English and Chinese modules are currently available here. (NOTE: The new modules will feature an improved interface.)

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