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This February and/or March, travel with our team of volunteer educators to visit schools in the Amazon Rain Forest!

New travel dates available (see below)! We now have 7 openings remaining for educators and other professionals to travel with us to the Amazon in February and March, 2012. For more information (including fees and dates), please read below. To begin the application process or to be put on the waiting list for a future trip*, please Email Project Director Paul Hurteau. You may download a printable flier about the trip here.

(For information about traveling electronically with your class/school and interacting with Amazon students, please click here.)

OneWorld Classrooms volunteers in the Amazon Rain Forest.
A team of OneWorld Classrooms volunteers braves
the Ecuadorian Amazon in February, 2010.


OneWorld Classrooms staff and volunteers will travel to the Ecuadorian Amazon between Saturday, February 25th and Sunday, March 18th, 2012. Volunteers may join us for the first week (February 25-March 4), the second week (March 3-March 11), the third week (March 10-March 18) or any combination of those weeks.

The team will visit communities near the Pastaza River and the town of Puyo (Pastaza Province) and communities near the Napo River and the town of Tena (Napo Province).

On weekdays during the trip, volunteers will generally visit schools in the mornings and complete group activities in the afternoons (including possible visits to an Indigenous Women's Crafts Group, a Botanical Garden, nearby nature reserves, waterfalls, etc.). Volunteers will also have one free day during the week if they wish to do something separately from the group. Weekends will be reserved for travel to and from Quito and the volunteer site and/or Quito and the US. (Two or three-week volunteers will have the middle weekends free.


OneWorld Classrooms volunteers with students in the Amazon Rain Forest.Volunteers will visit schools in indigenous Spanish and Kichwa-speaking Amazon communities near Puyo and Tena, Ecuador under the supervision of OneWorld Classrooms staff. Volunteers will:

  • help create multimedia responses to US student questions (by interviewing Amazon students, teachers and experts; recording videos; taking photos; writing transcripts, translating, etc.)
  • help make project videos and PowerPoints
  • help make project Google Earth tours
  • help take project photos
  • accompany students and teachers to complete project Skype sessions
  • work with students and community members on a school mural project
  • attend student presentations
  • (in some cases) initiate and complete additional activities with students (such as musical and dance presentations, etc.)

Volunteers will travel by bus, taxi (often a pick-up truck with seating in the cab and the back), canoe and foot. Lodging arrangements will vary from day to day. Volunteers should be prepared to be matched as roommates with other volunteers of the same sex.


Each volunteer will pay a fee to OneWorld Classrooms that will cover room, all group meals*, all in-country travel, all group activity entrance fees and all group-related in-country trip arrangements. *Volunteers will also be responsible for purchasing their own round-trip airfare to Quito, Ecuador, travel insurance, any meals not eaten with the group, any alcoholic beverages consumed during meals and any travel/activities not completed with the group.

  • The fee for one week is $1,290
  • The fee for two weeks is $2,390
  • The fee for three weeks is $2,990

Please see above for what the fee includes and does not include.

OneWorld Classrooms volunteers with students at the Puyopungo Elementary School.


Currently 7 volunteer positions are available. Any adult is eligible to apply. Minors must be accompanied by an adult. Applications are competitive. Applicants with one or more of the following will be considered stronger candidates:

  • teaching experience
  • travel experience (especially to Latin America or developing countries)
  • ability to communicate in Spanish or Kichwa
  • skills and teaching experience in art, dance or music
  • skills and experience using Google Earth, Constant Contact and PowerPoint
  • a positive, flexible, team-oriented attitude

All applicants must complete a OneWorld Classrooms Volunteer Application Form. References are required. Applications must be submitted by February 1st, 2012; however, qualified applicants who apply early will be accepted early. Payment must be made by February 15th, 2012. We encourage early applications.


For more information or to begin the application process, or to be put on the waiting list for a future trip*, please Email Project Director Paul Hurteau.



In 2011, OneWorld Classrooms staff and volunteers visited 9 K-12 schools in the Amazon Rain Forest of Ecuador. For highlights, please see the video below or visit our YouTube Channel.